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Need Help Communicating? Communication doesn't have to feel complicated.

The RP Mantra: "I am committed to improving my relationship, and I value this person. I want to get along with them, be kind, trust their intentions, and give them the benefit of the doubt."

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The Relationship Protocol® book is the practical and easy to use guide for communicating effectively in ALL important relationships - romantic,  family or in business. 

Learn how to:

    • Build Stronger, Lasting Relationships
    • Quickly Resolve Conflicts
    • Navigate Tough Conversations
    • Rebuild Trust 
    • Defuse Tension and De-escalate Heated Arguments
    • Address Sensitive Topics

Is Your Communication Style Hurting Your Relationship?

If you want to have a good relationship, it’s important to be the best communicator that you can be!

Use this free checklist to find out if you are falling into some of the most common & typically unproductive methods of communicating. Then, learn how to turn things around and get on a more positive track. Just fill in the form and let's get going! You got this!

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"A Relationship Toolbox!"

Dr. Keri Chernuchin

"A rare self-help book that combines a good layout with good content."

"Reader's Favorite" Review

"A ‘Must Have’ for anyone who is in a relationship."

Phoebe Kessler, LCSW


"I want to show you that through healthy communication and letting the other person know that you value them, relationships can change." 

- Debra M. Roberts, LCSW

The Relationship Protocol® communication model grew out of Debra’s extensive experience working with challenging relationships. The RP offers a common sense, relationship-oriented approach that focuses on the present; what's happening now between these two people and how can we help them to create movement and positive changes.  

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