Meet the Expert Behind
 The Relationship Protocol

Hi! I’m Debra Roberts, LCSW

I developed the Relationship Protocol after 25+ years of successfully working with challenging relationships in my private practice. 

I've witnessed the transformation of hundreds of relationships from hopeless to hopeful in a short period of time using the Relationship Protocol model (the RP).

Here's my method in a nutshell - I teach people how to talk to each other so they can feel more comfortable and confident communicating.

Good communication is essential in solving problems and it builds a strong foundation for all types of relationships. When there’s a breakdown in communication, people feel stuck, unappreciated, or misunderstood. Over time, the disconnect causes more problems, such as loneliness, resentment, etc. 

I wrote my book, The Relationship Protocol, because I want to help more people.

“If you give someone helpful tools for communicating, you’re not only going to improve their relationships, but you’ll change their life for the better.”

Effective Communication = Healthy Relationships


How did the Relationship Protocol evolve?

I’ve always been someone who wants to help others. As a teenager, I called a drug abuse hotline on behalf of a close friend and the hotline worker was so helpful. 

This “stranger” knew right away I was in over my head. While I was taken aback by her concern for me, her words were spot on. I knew then, that someday I wanted to be that helping person for other people.

In my first 20 years as a social worker, I worked in nonprofits, had on-the-job training and frontline experience working with troubled youth, poverty legal services, a mental health clinic and more. 

My skills were constantly put to the test having to assess situations in challenging, often crisis-oriented settings. This is where I learned that communication shapes relationships.

Focusing on the relationship in the present (vs. the past), making people feel comfortable, and teaching them to be effective communicators is what generates movement. My 25+ years in private practice working with relationships has been derived from that premise. That’s why my RP model with its practical communication tools are proven, unique and powerful. 

This is a common sense approach. The RP teaches:

  • the mandatory ingredients that are necessary for ALL healthy relationships, and
  • how to navigate conversations, bring up sensitive topics, defuse and de-escalate conflicts, and repair and build trusting relationships. 

Everyone can benefit from using the RP!

Now, I’m on an important mission to get this everyday communication model out into the world! I sure hope you’ll join me. 

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